domingo, 6 de junho de 2010

ANAC's English Test Simulation Test # 2 (Santos Dumont Assessment)

This is a simulation of SANTOS DUMONT ASSESSMENT, a proficiency English test for pilots made by ANAC, and it is based on the principles of ICAO language proficiency requirements as well as ANAC'S English proficiency rating conduct over the last years, as far as Pronunciation, Grammar, Vocabulary, Interaction, Comprehension and Fluency are concerned.

This simulation test is divided in 3 parts:




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Rating Criticism by Rodrigo Chimento -All publisher`s rights.

Candiate: Private Pilot       Grade: ICAO 5

Question #1

What do you do in aviation?

Fluency ICAO 6 / Grammar ICAO 5

Positive points

Sounds very natural (informal) in general and has no trouble at all in achieving ICAO Level 6.

Question #2

Could you tell me about your career in aviation?

Question #3

What have you been doing in aviation these days?

Question #4

What are your intentions in aviation?

Question #5

Have you ever worked in aviation?


Positive Points

ICAO 6! You are the best!

Questions #6

Have you ever had a job in any other area?

Question #7

What was a typical day in your job like?

Interaction ICAO 6

Positive Points

The candidate finishes his point with “that`s it!”, which means in this case, what`s next?

Question #8

What`s the difference between a pilot and a co pilot?

Comprehension ICAO 6

Positive Points

Asking for clarification as in “the difference you mean, between both?”


Positive Points

When the candidate corrects himself using “does” instead of do for the third person. Even though he mistakes the third person as he gets through his idea, his English sounds informal and natural, like natives do.

Question #9

Could you give me an example of a task performed by the co pilot and another by the pilot?

Question #10

Do you think pilots should keep on studying English even after achieving ICAO Level 4 in the English proficiency test?

Positive Points


The candidate interacts effectively “you know”

Question #11

What do you think about the Aviation Organization in your country?

Question #12

What`s the difference between a depressurization and a decompression?

Pronunciation ICAO 5

Negative points

Descompression ( though it does not interfere with ease of understanding)

Question #13

What happened?

Question #14

Is depressurization a big deal for you?

Question #15

What could depressurization lead a flight full of passengers to?


Negative Points

The passengers could lost their consciousness.

…just can lead a death…

The acft did not pressurizate.


Negative Points

Crashed (ed) instead of (t)

Question #16

What happened?


Negative Points

Besides understanding all from the recording, the candidate thinks he does not understand it and asks for clarification before he really needs it.

Question #17

Can you describe this picture?

Question #18

Were the passengers prepared to proceed under these procedures in your opinion?

Question #19

How serious is this situation in your opinion?

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  1. Muy interesante. Aprender inglés es indispensable en la actualidad pues la mayoría de las empresas requieren de este conocimiento fundamental al momento de conformar su plantilla de trabajo.