quinta-feira, 15 de julho de 2010

Click on the Title and Practice your Comprehension!

The pilot requested the other person to repeat that question afraid of failing to understand that one once again.
- "I'm sorry, I didn`t catch that, could you come again?"
And the other person goes again without a change of word in the question:
- What would you do if there was some fumes in the cockpit during a cruise flight?
What a relief this time for the pilot. He came with that big smile and answered confidently:
- "I would just wait for my time to rest in this 12 hour flight and maybe get a little popcorn before I fell asleep, you know, I can never watch a film till its end."

After that, we don`t need to say the result. Figure it out yourself!

Study Pronunciation, it means a lot for Comprehension!

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