domingo, 19 de setembro de 2010

ICAO English Simulation (IES)

This is a simulation exercise for pilots and air traffic controllers who wish to practice Aviation English skills for ICAO purposes. We can provide these activies every day for those who are interested. Enjoy!

1) Warm up, answer the questions:

a.What's the autopilot?
b.Could the autopilot become dangerous? When? How? Why?
c. How was your last flight in terms of preparation, the flight itself and the end?

(Listen to Sample Answers)

2) Listening, listen and report what you understand, then, do as instructed below:

(Listen to the Situation)

a. What could lead this situation to happen?
b. Could it be more serious?
c. Inform your passengers about the situation and state your intentions.

(Listen to Sample Answers)

3) Picture Description, answer the question:

a. What do you see?
b. Why is it happenning in your opinion?
c. What would you do before landing under these circumstances?
d. Is it a dangerous situation? Why?

(Listen to Sample Answers)

This is the end. Thank you!

If you wish to receive an IES per day, we will be glad to help. Send your request to and we will be in touch.

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