sábado, 18 de setembro de 2010

We can`t get no, SATISFACTION! (Listening and Reading)

Gol in Brazil X Cessna in the US, Who is the next?

Machinists union members at Cessna Aircraft will vote Saturday on whether to ratify the company's seven-year contract offer or follow their leadership's advice and strike.

In its contract offer to the Machinists union, Cessna agrees to keep only final production of the Citation products in Wichita for the life of the contract.

Lack of job security and an increase in health care costs are two major issues the union has with the offer.

Lack of good business management leads to employees disatisfaction.

For whatever the reason is (which none is not worth my brain cells consumption), thanks the Rolling Stones for having my eyes wide opened and make me ready to look for the right!

Let us remember we are yet human beings inhabiting this planet. We might soon become robots

                                                                                                                                                                                      By Rodrigo Chimento
(Listening, click on the link below!)
Song: Satisfaction
Author: Rolling Stones

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