sexta-feira, 30 de novembro de 2012


      If you are the President and you’ve got the power, substituting your machines may feel the same as substituting your employees, when it comes to an insensitive competitive market, of course, as known as capitalism. As a matter of fact, reconsidering your material fleet is undoubtedly way more relevant than considering humans who are around to help to work (ironicaly speaking). Welcome to Gol's world. Check out the news'headings below (through a time line) and apply for a job opportunity on : (Just be ready to get fired anytime.)

- President of GOl airlines says there is no chance in reconsidering Web jet’s fired employees (30/11/12)

- BOC Aviation, Gol in sale-leaseback deal for eight 737-800s (29/11/12)

- Webjet staff ask CADE to de-authorise Gol's acquisition (28/11/12)

- Gol to close Webjet and shed over 800 staff (23/11/12)

- Gol and Webjet merger receives antitrust approval (11/10/12)

- Gol reviewing combined fleet plans after Webjet acquisition (23/02/12)

- Gol outlines expected synergies from WebJet acquisition (11/07/11)

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