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How important is it to pronouce English words correctly? Is it necessary to sound like Shakespeare?

There are some points which are relevant to spend some time on, but on the other hand, some others shouldn`t be a reason for wasting your precious time.

After years of teaching, I have tackled some of the most important and common difficulties as regards propper PRONUNCIATION of Brazilian English Learners:

U / O / OO = Either as in "LUCK" or "LOCK" or "LOOK"

X / S / SS / CC = Either as in "EXECUTIVE" or "SPEND" or "ASSESS" or "ACCESS"

I / EE = It's different "FILL" from "FEEL"

H / R = Either as in "HAIL" or "RAIL"

Y at the end of a word (it should be emphasized) = As in "HEAVY" and not "HAVE"

CH / SH = Either as in "CHART" or "*SHART"

I hope this tip fits you well, and makes a difference specially for you pilots, when it comes to say:

- "I'M ROLLING!" from "I'M HOLDING!"

*To shart = To shit + To fart; it happens when you fart but you end up shitting on your pants.
Safe flights!

Safe flights!

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