quinta-feira, 22 de abril de 2010


We use a tag question at the end of a sentence to ask for confirmation or request clarification. It’s a short question we make when we finish stating our idea.

It’s formed by (the SAME MODAL VERB or SAME AUXILIARY VERB + the SAME SUBJECT) we use in a previous sentence of our idea prior to make the tag question. The only detail is when our idea is affirmative (AFIRMATIVE SENTENCE), the tag question is made in the negative way, but on the other hand, if we make a NEGATIVE SENTENCE and we want to confirm or ask for clarification, the tag question goes to the AFFIRMATIVE form.

In general interpretation, a tag question means something like: "Am I right?" or "Do you agree?" or “Is it correct?”

The basic structure is:

After all, make sure to ask for clarification or confirm your ideas properly and avoid MISUNDERSTANDINGS around. Put your English into practice!

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