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Weather Caos in Europe

removing - stranded - encouraging - struggling - cancelled - not to go

Fill in the blanks below with their corresponding verbs from the box above:

Weather Caos in Europe

Increasingly desperate travelers are (1) __________ to get home in time for Christmas as Europe's key airports are trying to dig their way out of snow and ice.

Only one of London Heathrow's two runways was operational yesterday morning, a day after almost all flights at one of the world's busiest international airports were (2) _______.

Hundreds of thousands of people were left (3)________ over the weekend, with a lot of sleeping on the terminal`s floors.

Paris' Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport is going to cancel 30% of flights, as is the city's second airport.

And Frankfurt airport in Germany has called off 325 flights out of a scheduled 1,300 to 1,400. Some of that is because of the weather in Germany, and some of it is because of flight disruptions at other airports.

The airport, Europe's third busiest, has 450 people working around the clock, de-icing and (4) ___________ snow.

British Airways recommend passengers (5)__________ to Heathrow unless they know their flight is operating, and are (6) ___________ people who do not need to travel to cancel their flight or rebook it.

Here is the answers:
1. struggling
2. cancelled
3. stranded
4. removing
5. not to go
6. encouraging

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