sexta-feira, 8 de abril de 2011

Crack, where?

Boeing engineers said the aluminum skin and "lap joints" on certain Boeing 737s need to be inspected for cracks after about 60,000 take-off and landing cycles, but recently the company changed that estimate in the wake of the fuselage rupture on a Southwest Airlines flight with only 39,000 cycles.

Boeing this week issued a bulletin advising operators of similar aircraft to inspect the planes for subsurface skin cracks after only 30,000 cycles.
Answer the questions below:

1) What`s a crack? Give a general definition.
2) What`s a lap joint according to the text?

1) It`s a partial split or break; a fissure. Source,
2) It`s the encountering of two edges of an aluminum foil when they are overlapped and fastened.

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