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Will Google be your best or worst friend?

If you use Google, you have probably seen a little pop up at the top of the page announcing: "We're changing our privacy policy and terms." It gives you the choice to "Learn More" or, another option, the one most people followed, to "Dismiss."

Who wants to read about what Google plans to do with all that information it has about us? Will anyone be able to have access to all my data recorded on Google? I hope someone sees I have been looking for a job and gives me any position anywhere,  if it happens.

Are we losing control of our digital privacy?

Here's what Google knows about you, what it stores right there on its servers, waiting for a hacker:

Google has every e-mail you ever sent or received on Gmail. It has every search you ever made, the contents of every chat you ever had over Google Talk. It holds a record of every telephone conversation you had using Google Voice, it knows every Google Alert you've set up. It has your Google Calendar with all content going back as far as you've used it, including everything you've done every day since then. It knows your contact list with all the information you may have included about yourself and the people you know. It has your Picasa pictures, your news page configuration, indicating what topics you're most interested in. And so on.

If you ever used Google while logged in to your account to search for a person, a symptom, a medical side effect, a political idea; if you ever gossiped using one of Google's services, all of this is on Google's servers. 

Google can even track searches on your computer when you're not logged in for up to six months.

So, don`t worry, Google will always be there for you. And you, will you always be there for Google?

What could happen to the world if Google decided to make everyone`s history accessible?

Send answers to, and make sure not to let Google see your ideas once more, unless it`s worth...

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