domingo, 31 de março de 2013

What’s the best seat to get on a plane?

A study by British Airways found that the most popular seats on a standard Boeing 747 aircraft are at the back, have only two to a row, and are not stuck between two other seats.

Pairs of seats 51B/51C, 52B/52C, 51H/51J and 52 H/52J are the ones people mostly choose in economy class, British Airways said.

On these seats:
- The noise of the plane is bigger than in front of the plane;
- The turbulence is stronger than other seats in the front.
But on the other hand...

A fat couple can occupy the entire row (making it a haven from having to share the arm-rest with a stranger)!
Or you can take the Airbus if you need a little more space:
- Manufacturer Airbus is offering two inch larger aisle seats on its A320 jets;
- But window and centre seats for the other people (me, maybe?) will both shrink to make space :-(