quinta-feira, 23 de maio de 2013

Animal astronauts are back!

A Russian space capsule containing mice, geckos, gerbils, snails and fish returns to Earth after a month-long mission in space. The Bion-M craft orbited at a height of 575km (360 miles).

Answer if you can:

1.How long did they stay in space for?
2.Where did they land?
3.Why did scientists send them?
4.What kind of animals were sent?
5.How many animals died and how many returned alive?

Answers if you can´t:
1.They stayed in space for a month.
2.They landed in Russia.
3.Scientists wanted to see how microgravity affects their bodies.
4.Mice, sandaisl, geckos, snails, gerbils, fish and frogs were sent.
5.53 mice died in space as did 8 gerbils, however all 15 geckos survived.