domingo, 22 de maio de 2011

Look up in the sky; is that a bird or a plane?

So high, so high that he can kiss the sky, how sick, so sick that he doesn’t even need a stick!

Put the words and phrases from the blue box into their corresponding blanks in the text:

a. but not until – b. eventually – c. and then – d. after that – e. at first

How to classify the airborne jetman on your flight plan? (1)________, he starts each flight as a skydiver, (2)____________, the Jetman turns into a jet propelled man up to mid-flight, (3)_________, he finishes the performance as a skydiver once again, parachuting to Earth after his rockets are exhausted. (4)____________ the FAA conceived Rossy, the jetman, permission to cross the canyon, (5)___________ a crowd had gathered, leaving him no time for a practice run.

Would you go for a free test flight? I let you go first!


1-e; 2-d; 3-c; 4-b; 5-a

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