quarta-feira, 29 de junho de 2011

Love is on the Runway

Fill in the blanks of the text with the most appropriate phrases from the orange box, and when you finish, define what mating spree means:

a.was picked up - b.were delayed  - c.was seen  - d.is surrounded - e.taken away

June, 19, 2011, JFK 1._____________ by a bay and wetland areas.
Dozens of turtles, presumably on a mating spree, shut down a runway at John F. Kennedy International Airport Wednesday morning for 35 minutes, causing flight delays of an hour and a half.
The first turtle 2.____________ at 6:45 a.m. by a pilot.
After a turtle was spotted, it 3. ____________ by the airport staff and moved to a better destination to continue nesting.
They were eventually 4.___________ by the currents and returned to the Jamaica wetlands from whence they came.
It is unclear how many flights 5.______________ by the breeding turtles, but the FAA should know by the end of the day.

1.d 2.c 3.a 4.e 5.b; mating spree is a season in which animals get paired for reproducing.

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